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Video presentation of OpenCms

Video presentation of OpenCms
Alexander Kandzior presents OpenCms 4.6 to the audience in the ETH Zurich. Streaming real video, about 45 minutes.
May 1, 2002

See the live presentation of OpenCms 4.6 that was held by Alexander Kandzior in March 2002 at OSCOM 1 in the ETH Zurich. The presentation provides a general introduction to the system with some technical background.

The video of the presentation is about 45 minutes long.

This presentation is about OpenCms 4.6 and is now almost a year old, please keep in mind that since then OpenCms 5.0 has been developed which adds a lot of features not described in the presentation.

You need the real video player to watch the video. Thanks to bitflux for providing the video stream and download server.