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Alkacon OCEE

Alkacon OCEE

The turbo booster for your OpenCms installation

The Alkacon OpenCms Enterprise Extensions (OCEE) enable the installation of OpenCms in a cluster and optionally allow for database replication. Also included are modules for LDAP / Microsoft AD connectivity and improved database performance.

Alkacon OCEE is a licensed software product available as annual subscription.

OCEE feature overview

  • OCEE Accelerator

    Provides additional high performance caches to accelerate database access and page delivery.

  • OCEE Cluster Manager

    Allows for clustering of OpenCms Servers for mission critical environments.

  • OCEE LDAP Connector

    Provides full integration of LDAP / AD user directories with the OpenCms permission system.

  • OCEE DB Replicator

    Allows to replicate the OpenCms repository data to remote database instances, e.g. from "test" to "live" servers.

Alkacon OCEE is installed on a standard open source OpenCms system. Alkacon OCEE is a binary only distribution. This means that the source code for the OCEE package is not available.

To use the Alkacon OCEE package, you need to enter a license key that will be provided to you by Alkacon after you purchase an Alkacon OCEE subscription.

Product data sheet

  • All available OCEE subscriptions and OpenCms support options in one document.