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Alkacon OpenCms Support

Alkacon OpenCms Support

The best backup for your OpenCms projekt

Our support options provide a convenient way to access the knowledge and experience of the team from Alkacon that is responsible for the OpenCms core development.

Our OpenCms support options

  • OpenCms Premium Support Subscription

    The Alkacon Premium Support Subscription has been designed for customers who deploy OpenCms in mission critical applications and projects. With our Premium Support Subscription, you have the best possible access to the development team of Alkacon OpenCms and OCEE.

    This support option can be purchased as recurring subscription for a period of 12 months (1 year).

  • OpenCms 10 Incident Support Package

    Incident based support is available for customers with only a limited number of questions about OpenCms. Incident based support is available in pre-purchased packages of 10 incidents.

    Please note that no OpenCms core “bug-fixing” service is included with this Support Package. This service is available exclusively for Premium Support subscribers.

  • Individual OpenCms Consulting

    For both premium and incident support offerings, our standard OpenCms support terms and conditions apply. Should your support requirements be different, we can also offer you an individual OpenCms consulting agreement.

Product data sheet

  • All available OCEE subscriptions and OpenCms support options in one document.