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We are Alkacon Software

Our focus is on OpenCms solutions

We provide support, training, consulting, development, as well as add-on products for OpenCms.

OpenCms is a powerful open source web content management system developed by us. It provides features especially suited for large internet or intranet applications.

We often partner with business consultants, interactive agencies or in-house development teams to deliver a full solution to the end customer.

Alkacon Software has been founded by Alexander Kandzior, the initial developer and main architect of OpenCms. The company is located in Cologne, Germany.

Open Source systems like OpenCms have become a key factor to deflate the software licensing costs traditionally required in web and IT projects. The use of Open Source software can lead to major cost savings in licensing, owing and supporting costs. Alkacon Software is specialized in developing solutions using OpenCms and other Java Open Source components. Java is today the enterprise application development environment of choice, and has also attracted a large Open Source community. Using high quality open source Java components like OpenCms provides an appealing cost-saving opportunity.