The Alkacon OCEE LDAP Connector

With the Alkacon OCEE LDAP Connector, integration of existing LDAP user directories with the OpenCms permission system is available. The connected LDAP server can be used to fully replace, or in addition to, the standard OpenCms user and group Management. Integration of LDAP users and groups allows using these for all OpenCms authentication and ACL permission management.

The Alkacon OCEE LDAP Connector supports access to Microsoft Active Directory (AD) using its LDAP-Interface.

Please note: LDAP user repository data must be organized according to RFC 2256 (attribute types) und RFC 2798 (inetOrg object class). Most LDAP standard user repositories implement these RFC. The LDAP connection is “read only”, i.e. management of information stored in the LDAP server is not possible with this module.

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