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Individual OpenCms Workshops

In case you have special requirements that differ from our standard training courses, we are offering customized, individual workshops for OpenCms.

The following example workshop descriptions are frequently requested by our customers. Should your requirements are different, we can certainly make you an individual offer suited fully to your needs.

Evaluation and "Getting Started" Workshop

This one day workshop is aimed at development teams and technology consultants that want to get a "quick start" in OpenCms development. An experienced OpenCms consultant from Alkacon Software will work together with your team in developing the implementation strategy best suited to your requirements. "Hands-on" issues will be discussed, for example how to best build the required OpenCms templates, set the OpenCms security permissions or how to set up your development environment.

Administration Workshop

This one day workshop is aimed at IT system administrators that want to deploy OpenCms in their system environment. An experienced OpenCms consultant from Alkacon Software will show you how to best set up and configure OpenCms in your infrastructure.

End-User Workshops

This one or two day workshop course is aimed at editors and other content managers that will be using the OpenCms Workplace as end users. We will explain how to use the page editor (WYSIWYG and code edit modus), how to manage pages and other data in the Explorer and how to work with the integrated Workflow management of OpenCms. The workshop is usually adjusted and customized to incorporate the templates and general site layout of the customer. The couse length is one day if the basic OpenCms functionality is covered. This course is often extended to two days if the customers OpenCms system includes custom made content modules unique to the customers' installation.

Please note: Individual workshops do not contain pre-build training materials.

All individual workshops priced based on our daily consulting rates. In case you are interested in an individual OpenCms Workshop, please contact us.