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OpenCms Basic Template Training (3 days)

This three day training course is intended for people with previous experience in building websites using HTML, PHP or other web technologies, but with basic Java knowledge only.

It is assumed that course participants have a basic understanding about the general use of OpenCms as a content manager.

The course starts with providing an overview of JSP development basics in OpenCms and provides an introduction of the JSTL standard. After visiting this course, an attendee should be able to build OpenCms templates from scratch and work with existing OpenCms modules, integrating the functionality of the modules with the templates to create full featured website layouts.

Alkacon OpenCms Basic Template Training agenda

  • Local installation of OpenCms
  • Main OpenCms features
  • OpenCms module mechanism
  • JSP basics in OpenCms
  • Using the <cms:> taglib
  • Creating an OpenCms template
  • Creating templates for mobile devices
  • Rendering content with formatters
  • Lists of contents
  • The content subscription engine
  • Advanced template functions
  • Content detail pages
  • Building a dynamic page navigation
  • Extended OpenCms features
  • Localizing OpenCms websites
  • Password protected areas
  • Configuration
  • Creating an XML content schema
  • Configuring XML content resource types
  • Nested XML contents
  • Extended XML content topics
  • Static export
  • Using the FlexCache

The OpenCms Basic Template Training course comes with a full set of exhaustive pre-build material. It contains over 250 slides and lots of running example code. Also provided are exercises for all important topics.