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OpenCms 5.0.1 released

Alkacon Software has finished work on the final release of OpenCms 5.0.1, the open source content management system.
January 9, 2004

Alkacon Software has finished work on the final release of OpenCms version 5.0.1, the open source content management system. This release contains lots of improvements that have been applied since the 5.0.0 release. We recommend everyone who uses OpenCms to upgrade to the 5.0.1 version.

OpenCms 5.0.1 comes in 4 distribution packages:

  • Standard distribution: Contains everything you need to setup an OpenCms system.
  • Fat distribution: Contains the standard distribution with additional templates, example code and the complete Alkacon documentation, good for getting started.
  • Source distribution: Contains the OpenCms source code.
  • Upgrade distribution: Contains only the files required to upgrade a 5.0.0 OpenCms system to 5.0.1.

You can download any of these packages from the OpenCms download page.

The almost complete list of changes and improvements in OpenCms 5.0.1 over the last release (5.0.0):

  • Refactored JSP integration to be more standards compliant
  • Added "delete" option to image and download galleries to delete resources directly in the gallery views
  • Added "getNavigationBreadCrumb()" and "getSiteNavigation()" methods to com.opencms.flex.jsp.CmsJspNavBuilder
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #15: Navigation for index.html pages was broken when using com.opencms.defaults.CmsXmlNav
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #13: Required permissions not sufficient to browse through galleries
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #20: Misplaced context menues in IE 6
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #22: Missing localization keys in the XML template for the channel administration backoffice
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #25: Typo in the workflow preferences dialog
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #28: Properties of published resources were not found in the Online project
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #32: Missing "rel" attrib. in the link tag to load the style sheet of the JSP template of the howto-template module
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #34: Malformed URI to restart the setup wizard
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #36: Unnecessary quote chars. in mystyle.css of the howto-template documentation module
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #40: Site-root gets added twice to the import path in the importFolder shell command
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #42: Leading/trailing filenames are not trimmed when new resources are created
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #70: Malformed crontab entries prevent OpenCms from starting
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #87: Possible NullPointer exception in cascading calls of getModuleParameterBoolean
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #94: Values for CATALINA_OPTS not wrapped in quote chars in the how-to install documentation page of the welcome module
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #95: Typo in the in the history "Restore Version" dialog
  • Fixed bugzilla issue #102: Typo in the empty template's meta tag

The team at Alkacon Software - The OpenCms Experts wants to thank everyone who has contributed to this release of OpenCms.