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OpenCms 11 Beta 2 available

OpenCms 11 Beta 2
OpenCms 11 Beta 2 provides you with a comprehensive overview about the features of the next OpenCms generation. Try out this pre-release version before OpenCms 11.0.0 is published, which is expected by the end of Q1 2019. OpenCms 11 brings a major update for the workplace providing better usability and performance. Further enhancements include automated image generation, core support for dynamic contents lists and meta-mappings for SEO.
February 28, 2019

OpenCms 11.0 Beta 2 gives you a preview of OpenCms 11.0. Try out this pre-release version before OpenCms 11.0.0 is published, which is expected by the end of Q1 2019.

Download OpenCms 11.0 Beta 2 for an advance look of the great new user interface and the other improvements in the next OpenCms generation.

You can also try out the OpenCms docker image.

OpenCms 11 brings a major update for the workplace. In this version we have finally completely replaced all the "traditional" workplace tools with modernized versions. The number of modules for the OpenCms core installation has been reduced to only two core modules. Further enhancements include automated image generation, core support for dynamic contents lists and meta-mappings for SEO.

Please note: OpenCms 11 also features many improvement for template generation. We are currently working on an updated demo template, which will be ready when OpenCms 11.0.0 ships. The template in this 11.0 Beta 2 release is the unchanged template from version 10.5.x.

OpenCms is one of the most popular Open Source Content Management Solutions. This new version was developed by Alkacon Software GmbH with the support of the international OpenCms developer community.

The most important new features in OpenCms 11

  • Completely restructured the workplace for improved usability using a modern GUI.
  • All images in the workplace are now vector graphics with high resolution (retina) display support.
  • New 'Lists' app for management of new default 'List configuration' content which allows easy front-end content list creation.
  • New 'Resource types' app to create, read, edit and delete individual resource types.
  • New 'Script terminal' app to interactively run OpenCms shell scripts in the workplace.
  • New 'Sessions' app to manage current user sessions and send messages to users.
  • Image now support a 'focal point' feature to allow automatic image cropping around this point.
  • Added support for SVG in images galleries.
  • New meta mapping feature allows to inherit values from XML contents to the page template, e.g. for SEO meta infos.
  • Simple EL API allows automated creation of image variations for 'srcset' or 'picture'.
  • The new 'List configuration' type provides standard filter and sort options for title / date / category / folder.
  • Updating a module will now import only the changes instead of completely deleting and reinstalling the module.
  • For automated management it is now possible to execute OpenCms shell commands in a running OpenCms instance using RMI.
  • The flex-cache bucket feature allows selective purging of parts of the flex-cache.
  • Provided support for Java 11.
  • And much more...

Please check out the release notes for further details regarding the changes in this release.

General OpenCms features

  • The page editor allows WYSIWYG inline editing of web pages and arrangement of content by drag & drop.
  • The form based editor allows editing of structured content in a well defined form mask.
  • The sitemap editor allows to create new pages and re-arrange the navigation tree by drag & drop.
  • Content creation for mobile devices with preview and device specific content control.
  • Structured contents can be defined using a simple XML schema.
  • Easy to use "Online / Offline" workflow, changes must be approved before they become visible.
  • Link management for all internal resources with broken link detection.
  • Integrated image scaling and cropping.
  • SEO features with automatic sitemap.xml generation and page alias support.
  • Full featured user management that supports the concept of "Organizational Units" (OUs).
  • Allows management of multiple websites within one installation.
  • Contents can be served dynamically or exported to static HTML files.
  • Direct access to the OpenCms content repository over a shared network drive.
  • CMIS and WebDAV access to the OpenCms content repository.
  • Integrates Apache SOLR for powerful content searching and noSQL like queries.
  • Full text search for web pages as well as in office documents like PDF, MS Office and Open Office.
  • Extensions can be added through a flexible module system.
  • The "time warp" feature allows to view resources which are expired or not yet released.
  • JSP integration for dynamic functionality in templates, dynamic forms etc.
  • ... and many more

We recommend everyone who uses OpenCms to test the 11.0 Beta release. OpenCms 11.0 Beta is fully backward compatible to all prior 9.x  and 10.x versions. Templates and other OpenCms developed code from these versions work "out of the box" with version 11.0 Beta.

Users of Alkacon OCEE require a new OCEE version for OpenCms 11.0. There will be an updated OCEE package available for the final release of OpenCms 11.0. The update will be free for Alkacon customers with a valid OCEE update subscription.

About OpenCms

OpenCms is a market leading solution amongst Open Source CMS systems. The software has been in continuous development for the last 15 years and has an active community of Open Source developers.

OpenCms is an enterprise - ready web content management solution build in Java and XML from open source components. OpenCms can easily be deployed on almost any existing IT infrastructure and provides powerful features especially suited for medium and large enterprise internet or intranet applications. OpenCms is open source software distributed under the LGPL license.

Alkacon Software GmbH is the company responsible for the development of OpenCms. Today OpenCms is a leading open source CMS solution in widespread use all over the world. Many businesses and organizations use OpenCms as a cost effective, professional alternative to expensive license products.

Alkacon Software GmbH offers its customers training, support and add-on products for OpenCms. This gives our customers a layer of security and convenience often required for mission critical OpenCms installations. Please see the Alkacon product overview for more details.

The team at Alkacon Software - The OpenCms Experts wants to thank everyone who has contributed to this release of OpenCms.