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New Website Based on OpenCms 7 Launched

Based on OpenCms 7, Alkacon Software has updated the and websites with a new look and feel.
July 3, 2007

The and websites have been relaunched by Alkacon Software. The new sites are based on OpenCms 7 and take advantage of the latest OpenCms features.

Alexander Kandzior, CEO of Alkacon Software: For the launch of OpenCms 7, we wanted to make sure our own websites use this latest version. We just finished work on the sites before the launch date of OpenCms 7. The content was mostly copied from the old sites, but this will change soon as we plan to extend and enhance the sites features. The experience we have had creating working on the relaunch confirms that OpenCms 7 is a great product and a huge step ahead.

The new sites feature an improved, modern look and feel using CSS styles only for layout. The templates have been created using W3C accessibility features.