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Check out the slides from OpenCms Days 2013

The conference slides from OpenCms Days 2013 are now available for download. OpenCms Days 2013 featured several interesting sessions around OpenCms presented by speakers from all over the world. Check the slides in case you missed the event.
October 11, 2013

The slides from the OpenCms Days 2013 user conference are now available on the conference website.

The web in 2013 has become more diverse than ever. Content managers face multiple challenges such as supporting or integrating social media, multiple devices, cloud based services, responsive design, and more. OpenCms Days 2013 featured several high profile speakers which did showcase their state of the art solutions and proved that OpenCms is up for the task.

OpenCms Days 2013 did take place from Monday, September 30 to Tuesday, October 1, 2013 in Cologne, Germany.

Get Rolling with OpenCms 9

Alkacon Software released OpenCms 9 during this conference. Version 9 brings improvements in many areas, but especially regarding the usability for the content manager. Several workshop sessions in the conference did focus on OpenCms 9, with core developers from Alkacon Software explaining the functionality of the new version in detail. 

Bringing together OpenCms users from all over the world, OpenCms Days 2013 conference and expo was a great opportunity to exchange ideas with leading OpenCms experts and learn about OpenCms 9.

Visit for all information on this event.