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Alkacon unveils OpenCms/Flex

Alkacon Software unveils OpenCms/Flex, adding JSP support to the leading open source Java based website content management system.
May 12, 2002

OpenCms is the leading open source java based website content management, freely available from Available as Open Source since early 2000, OpenCms is used by dozens of interactive agencies and web professionals to deliver high quality, state of the art web applications for a large number of clients.

Alkacon Software now has released OpenCms/Flex, adding full JSP support to OpenCms. With OpenCms/Flex, web professionals are able to easily develop great looking content management enabled websites, using well-known Java web development standards like JSP and Taglibs. Other new features in OpenCms/Flex, like advanced caching and support for Java 1.4, further extend the options of web developers and can greatly reduce site development times.

OpenCms/Flex is fully backwards compatible and of course retains all the great features of OpenCms, e.g. easy installation, an integrated user management and permission system, project-based publishing, versioning of pages, search engine support, support for personalization of websites, an integrated WYSIWYG - editor, and much more. OpenCms/Flex can be downloaded without charge at