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Alkacon OCEE 5.5.4

This is the latest OCEE release for OpenCms 10.5 and 10.0
May 17, 2018

Alkacon OCEE 5.5.4 compared to earlier 5.5.x versions fixes issues for the LDAP Connector, the Cluster Manager and the Replicator.

For OpenCms 10.5 and 10.0

  • LDAP: Fixed problem where slashes in LDAP DNs would not be escaped correctly.
  • Cluster: Fixed problem where excluded resource entries in modules would not be transferred by the cluster manager.
  • Cluster: Fixed error handling for some cluster operations.
  • Replication: Fixed problem where organizational unit folders were not cleaned up on the slave before full replication.

All Alkacon customers that have a valid OCEE update subscription can download the new OCEE release for their OpenCms version free of charge.

Please contact Alkacon using the link below in order to request the details for the download. You can also send us an email to our OpenCms / OCEE support account.