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Alkacon OpenCms Training and Workshops

OpenCms Workshops and training courses

The best introduction to OpenCms development

All Alkacon training courses have been developed specially for OpenCms and contain a variety of slides, lessons and exercises.

Our workshops and training courses are held "on-site" at a location provided by our customer.

We are used to travel worldwide.

Our OpenCms training courses

  • Individual OpenCms Workshops

    We are offering individual Workshops for OpenCms that cover all kinds of requirements.

  • OpenCms Complete Training

    This five day training course is a comprehensive "jump start" to OpenCms development. It provides insight in OpenCms template and module creation, and also covers advanced procedures in OpenCms API development.

  • OpenCms Basic Template Training

    This three day training course is intended for people with previous experience in building websites using HTML and other web technologies, but with basic Java knowledge only. It provides an introduction to OpenCms template development.

  • OpenCms Advanced API Training

    This three day training course covers basic and advanced procedures in OpenCms API development. It is aimed at experienced Java web developers who have previous experience with Java, HTML and JSP and want to learn the OpenCms related special APIs.

Product data sheet

  • All available OCEE subscriptions and OpenCms support options in one document.