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OpenCms Advanced API Training (3 days)

This three day training course covers basic and advanced procedures in OpenCms API development. It is aimed at experienced Java web developers who have previous experience with Java, HTML and JSP and want to learn the OpenCms related special APIs.

It is assumed that participants of the Advanced API training have previously attended our Alkacon OpenCms Basic Template Training course.

After attending the course, a participant should be able to start developing his own OpenCms enabled website extensions right away.

Alkacon OpenCms Advanced API Training agenda

  • Using the OpenCms API
  • Developing a custom login form
  • Configuring the search index
  • Searching OpenCms sites
  • Advanced usage of XML contents
  • Related resources / Categories
  • Managing multiple sites in OpenCms
  • User management using OUs
  • The OpenCms scheduler
  • Scaling images in OpenCms
  • Extended XML content programming
  • Development configuration
  • Setting up your first OpenCms site
  • Recap and summary

The OpenCms Advanced API Training course comes with a full set of exhaustive pre-build material. It contains over 250 slides and lots of running example code. Also provided are exercises for all important topics.