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The Alkacon OCEE Cluster Manager

The Alkacon OCEE Cluster Manager allows for clustering of OpenCms Servers in combination with external load balancers (e.g. CISCO local director). OpenCms Clusters add failover security for mission-critical environments, and improved scaling availability for high traffic sites.

Please note: The Alkacon OCEE Cluster Manager requires additional Hardware (e.g. CISCO local director) or Software for the http request load balancing. The used load balancing solution must use “sticky sessions”, meaning all requests for one user http session always go to the same server in the cluster. Does not cluster the OpenCms database, this must be done with database native tools. The content editing and publishing must be done on one server of the cluster only, though it does not matter which server this is.

Cluster Manager overview

Cluster Manager overview

The Alkacon OCEE cluster overview displays information about the available servers in the OpenCms cluster.

From the overview screen different actions can be triggered on the remote OpenCms servers, for example rebuilding the search index or writing the export points.

Cluster Manager module comparison

Cluster Manager module comparison

Using the "Compare Server" option it is possible to compare and synchronize the installed module versions in the OpenCms cluster.

This comparison view is also available for the Websites app as well as the Scheduled jobs app.

With OCEE 11.0 these functions are available as an extension directly build into the standard apps.

Order OCEE

  • Including 12 months of Premium Support

    Installation in a cluster of up to 2 servers.
    6500€ (first year) / 5500€ (subsequent years).

  • Without Support

    Installation in a cluster of up to 2 servers.
    2500€ (first year) / 1000€ (subsequent years).
    Item: OCEE-SUB-02