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OpenCms 7 Beta 1 available

Development of OpenCms has reached another milestone with the availability of the first Beta version of OpenCms 7.
March 21, 2007

Development of OpenCms has reached another milestone as the source code of the first Beta version of OpenCms 7 is now available in the public CVS.

Compared to the OpenCms 7 alpha release, this Beta release features the completed and fully functional improved user management with organizational units and roles, as well as full support for WebDAV access to the OpenCms VFS.

We are now in the process of optimizing the internal data structures and doing some polishing on various parts of the GUI.

In general, the feature list and roadmap for OpenCms 7 remains unchanged compared to the last Alpha release. Please see the announcement of the 7 Alpha 1 release for the full roadmap / feature list.