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Alkacon OCEE 17

Alkacon OCEE 17
Alkacon OCEE 17 is the current version for OpenCms 17.
April 9, 2024

Alkacon OCEE 17 for OpenCms 17 improves the cluster shutdown behaviour when using the CmsShell.

Alkacon OCEE features a license key mechanism that allows to share the license key on several servers in a cloud installation.

Features of Alkacon OCEE 17

  • Improved cluster shutdown behavior when using the CmsShell.
  • Implemented OCEE compatibility for the new "export site" feature in OpenCms 17.0.

Current OCEE releases

OCEE 17 for OpenCms 17

OCEE 16 for OpenCms 16

OCEE 15 for OpenCms 15

OCEE 14 for OpenCms 14

OCEE 13 for OpenCms 13

OCEE 12 for OpenCms 12

OCEE 11.0.3 for OpenCms 11

OCEE 5.5.4 for OpenCms 10.5 und 10.0

OCEE 4.5.8 for OpenCms 9.5 und 9.0

Alkacon customers that have a valid OCEE subscription can download the new OCEE release for their OpenCms version free of charge.

Please contact us using the link below in order to request the details for the download. You can also send us an email to our OpenCms / OCEE support account.