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OpenCms 6.2.3 release notes

The OpenCms 6.2.3 release notes contain detailed information about the new features and fixed issues in this release.
30. November 2006

This is the public release of OpenCms 6.2.3. OpenCms 6.2.3 is a maintenance release which fixes several issues reported in OpenCms 6.2.2. Compared to version 6.2.2, some minor but useful features are added in this release as well.

Major new features (in OpenCms 6.2 compared to 6.0):

  • Multiple selections and operations in the Workplace Explorer
  • Native image scaling and manipulation
  • Visual ("diff" like) comparison of document versions
  • Integration of the popular FCKeditor for WYSIWYG editing
  • Added "move content up and down" function to the XML content editor
  • Much improved search index administration interface
  • More options for generating accessible website content

New features in 6.2.3 compared to the 6.2.2 release:

  • Added option to delete locales in XML content and page editor
  • MIME-types are now configured in opencms-vfs.xml instead of internal properties file
  • Optimized "direct edit" implementation for speed (not longer based on JSP includes by default)
  • Added option for manual placement of "direct edit" buttons, depending on the provider implementation
  • Implemented a text only "direct edit" button provider that supports manual placement
  • History list optionally shows project name and description
  • Additional optional DBCP parameters for connection pooling and validation provided in opencms.properties
  • New configuration option for initial checkbox state on new folder dialog in opencms-workplace.xml
  • Content tool for property change allows to set property values for resources that have an empty old value
  • Extended the Account Management: Details for permissions in group list and extended list for users in group
  • Extended <cms:parse>/<cms:decorate> by attribute "noAutoCloseTags" for tag names that must not be auto-closed
  • Added some configuration options to the HTML Widget for structured contents: show buttons for table or image dialog, use a CSS in the editor area, show the style selector for individual styles (for FCKeditor widget)

Resolved issues in this version:

  • Fixed issue #1161: Nested contentload tags fail, sometimes silently
  • Fixed issue #1171: CmsJspActionElement.img() doesn't work properly in Online project
  • Fixed issue #1189: CmsSelectWidget should have a method to get the option from it's stored value
  • Fixed issue #1198: Problem in "Search Management" when deleting all indexes
  • Fixed issue #1201: Resources in export-points are not re-exported after publish
  • Fixed issue #1203: File lock persists after closing browser window from content editor
  • Fixed issue #1204: Deleting Web Users corrupts OpenCms installation
  • Fixed issue #1212: Uploading 0-byte files fails
  • Fixed issue #1217: <cms:link> with relative path on static export returns empty value when linking to current folder
  • Fixed issue #1225: Typo in localized message bundle ERR_DIRECT_PUBLISH_PARENT_NEW_2
  • Fixed issue #1227: Insufficient access rights on workplace css files if static export is disabled
  • Fixed issue #1229: Synchronisation settings are lost when user changes workplace preferences
  • Fixed issue #1236: Target attribute for explorer context menu entries does not work in all cases
  • Fixed issue #1238: Form-Module produces wrong HTML-code
  • Fixed issue #1239: Setup Wizard Generic Database error
  • Fixed issue #1243: Workplace display messed up after multiple static export
  • Fixed issue #1247: Display issue for multiple select boxes and help texts in IE
  • Fixed issue #1250: Display issue of preview button in link gallery widget
  • Fixed issue #1252: Availability context menu entry not shown for pointer resources Backward compatibility
  • Fixed issue #1255: OpenCms is not able to work on Windows mapped network drives
  • Fixed issue #1265: Copy of multiple items between sites fails
  • Fixed issue #1271: Validation rules aren't triggered at the right time when editing structured content
  • Creating a resource that would override an existing one now displays the 'right' error message
  • Fixed issue in <cms:img> tag with static export of scaled images not really working
  • Fixed JavaScript error in workplace search tool dialog for internet explorer
  • Fixed issue with readResourcesWithProperty and getResourceInTimeRange not applying user permissions
  • Workplace search tool generated invalid result links if current site is not root
  • Modified calculation of inserted nav positions
  • Fixed issue with upload applet always using the site root set in the user preferences
  • Legacy element cache is cleared on clear cache event
  • Modified handling of scrub export folder for static export on demand
  • While publishing projects in Project Management there is now a link validation before publishing
  • Fixed display of date values of xml elements in history comparison
  • Fixed error when searching in sites with uppercase letters in site path

Further maintenance changes:

  • Updated FCKeditor module to FCKeditor version 2.3.2
  • Updated simapi.jar to version 0.9.4
  • Updated commons-httpclient.jar to version 3.0.1
  • Updated the list of supported MIME-types
  • Performance improvement for log file viewer tool in the Administration view
  • Temporary files are now invisible for members of the groups Users and Projectmanagers
  • Static Export no longer creates a new session for each exported resource
  • Refactored HTML generating methods for CmsCalendarWidget from CmsWorkplace into the widget class itself
  • Improved I/O performance when uploading zip files / building search index

Backward compatibility

We recommend everyone who uses an earlier version of OpenCms to update to this 6.2.3 release. In case you are using one of the previous versions (OpenCms 6.0.x, 6.2.0, 6.2.1 or 6.2.2), there have been several issues fixed in this 6.2.3 release.

OpenCms 6.2.3 should be highly backward compatible with all 6.0 versions. Certain minor API changes have been made, so some adjustments may have to be done for code that uses more advanced API functions. All Templates and JSP should be backward compatible without changes.

To upgrade an existing OpenCms 6.0.x, 6.2.0, 6.2.1 or 6.2.2 to this new 6.2.3 release, an easy to use upgrade wizard is provided.

Compatibility with Java versions, Servlet containers and databases

OpenCms 6.2 is written using Java 1.5. It works well with Java 1.4 using the optional "Java 1.4 compatibility package". It won't work with Java 1.3. Java 1.6 has not been tested yet, but it should work. We have tested only with SUNs version of the JDK. However, OpenCms has no dependencies to sun.* packages so it should in theory run with all compliant JVMs.

We have tested this release on the Tomcat servlet engine and to some extend on JBoss 4.0. OpenCms 6.2 works "out of the box" with Tomcat 5.5, which we recommend. Others have reported deploying 6.x versions successfully on other servlet containers like BEA Weblogic and SunONE.

On the database side, we have tested with MySQL 4.0, MySQL 4.1, MySQL 5.0, Oracle 9.x and Oracle 10.x. PostgresSQL support has been contributed thanks to Antonio Core and Ivan Codarin. maxDB support has been contributed thanks to Clovis Wichoski and Fabiano Rech. MS SQL server support has been contributed thanks to Andras Balogh. We still are looking for volunteers to support testing the stability of the PostgreSQL, maxDB and MS SQL server releases.

Regarding version numbers and CVS build tags

In case you want to check out OpenCms from the CVS, please keep the following in mind: The CVS tag for the 6.2.3 release is "build_6_2_3". Development of maintenance releases (like 6.2.3) is currently done in CVS HEAD. Development of the next major OpenCms 7.0 release is done in the "DEV_7_0" branch.

How you can help

Contributions to the OpenCms core development are most welcome. Please contact the core development team on the opencms-dev mailing list.

Please use our Bugzilla to report bugs in this release: http://bugzilla.opencms.org/