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Alkacon OCEE 3.5.2 for OpenCms 8.x released

Alkacon OpenCms Enterprise Extensions / OCEE
OCEE is a commercial extension for OpenCms that offers Support for LDAP, Clustering, Replication and accelerated page load times. OCEE increases scalability, availability and fail-over security for mission-critical and high-traffic OpenCms sites.
July 10, 2013

Alkacon OCEE for OpenCms is a commercial extension for OpenCms that offers Support for LDAP, Clustering, Replication and improved performance. Full information about OCEE is available on the Alkacon website.

The new OCEE version 3.5.2 is a maintenance release that fixes some issues of earlier OCEE versions. The Alkacon OCEE Replicator is now capable to perform one-step manual replications to single servers or server groups of an OpenCms cluster.

Please see the OCEE release notes for a full description about the new features and changes in this version.

OCEE 3.5.2 is required by the new OpenCms 8.5.2 and backward compatible with all older OpenCms 8.x versions.

About Alkacon OCEE

The Alkacon OpenCms Enterprise Extensions (also called OCEE) are a commercial extension for OpenCms. Alkacon OCEE adds features to OpenCms that are often required for running OpenCms in a medium or large Enterprise, where data consistency, security and failover are highly important.

The main components are:

  • Alkacon OCEE Cluster Manager
    Allows for clustering of OpenCms Servers for mission critical environments.
  • Alkacon OCEE Replicator
    Makes it possible to replicate the OpenCms repository data to remote database instances, e.g. from "test" to "live" servers.
  • Alkacon OCEE LDAP Connector
    Provides full integration of existing LDAP user directories with the OpenCms permission system.
  • Alkacon OCEE Accelerator
    Provides additional high performance caches to accelerate the data access and delivery.

The Alkacon OpenCms Enterprise Extensions are available as a licensed software product from Alkacon Software GmbH, the company responsible for most of the development of the open source core OpenCms system.

OCEE is installed on a standard OpenCms system. OCEE is a binary only distribution. This means that the source code for the OCEE modules is not available. To use any of the Alkacon OCEE packages, you need to enter a license key that will be provided by Alkacon software after your purchase of an Alkacon OCEE license.