Alkacon OpenCms Premium Support

The Alkacon Premium OpenCms Support option has been designed for customers who deploy OpenCms 10.x, 9.x or OpenCms 8.x in mission critical applications and projects. With this support option you have the best possible access to the Alkacon OpenCms and OCEE development team. This support option can be purchased for a period of 12 months (1 year).

Unlimited number of OpenCms support incidents

The premium support option allows you to name 2 contacts in your organisation that can access the Alkacon OpenCms support team for an unlimited number of incidents for the 12 months the premium option is purchased.

Best available response time

The response time for the premium support is within the next business day (24 hours). This is the best response time we can currently offer. Our incident support option has a slower response time of within the next two business days (48 hours).

OpenCms bug-fixing service

In addition to the unlimited number of incidents and the faster response time, the premium support option also includes a bug-fixing service for the OpenCms core and also the OCEE components. This means that we will fix reproducible issues you report ASAP. This option is only available for the premium support contracts, not the incident based contracts.

Please note: For an issue to be reproducible, it must be reproducible on a "standard" OpenCms (plus OCEE) distribution installation. A standard distribution installation means a system that is based only on the package available for download on plus optionally the OCEE modules installed, with a number of additional modules (or content imports) installed from your individual website / application.

We can not fix issues that are part of the underlying environment or the external JARS/components that ship with OpenCms. However, in case of severe and easily reproducible issues with such external components, we will do our best to find a workaround.

We reserve the right to not fix any performance related issues, because usually these are the result of a poor layout of the application build on OpenCms and not OpenCms itself. However we will support you in finding performance bottlenecks in your application and point out possible improvements.

The Alkacon OpenCms Support Terms apply.

Alkacon OpenCms Premium Support

  • 5000 € for 12 months of premium support from purchase date.
    [Item: SUP-PREMIUM-12]

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Alkacon product overview

  • We have compiled a PDF document that contains an overview about all our available OCEE products, OpenCms training courses and OpenCms support options.

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Alkacon OpenCms Premium Support

  • 5000 € for 12 months of premium support from purchase date.
    [Item: SUP-PREMIUM-12]

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