Alkacon OpenCms 10 Incident Support Package

Incident support is available in pre-purchased packages of 10 incidents. Incident support is great for customers with a limited number of questions about OpenCms.

After purchase of an incident package, the customer will receive a customer code from Alkacon. Full email and phone support will be available for any member of the customers’ team that uses this customer code.

Please note: No OpenCms core "bug fixing" service is included in the incident support package. This service is available only to premium support customers.

Incidents can be used as a phone or email incident.

Phone incidents

A phone incident is a 45 minute phone call that will be answered by an experienced Alkacon OpenCms consultant. Phone support is available only during our office hours.  During the 45 Minute phone call, a customer can ask several OpenCms related questions, which our answering consultant will try to answer to the best of his abilities.

Please note: Using a phone incident requires making an advance appointment even during Alkacon Software's office hours. This may take up to 2 working days (48 hours).

Email incidents

An email incident requires that the customer sends an email to
opencms-support at, describing the problem. We will then open an incident that will stay open until we have delivered an answer to this problem, regardless of the time or number of emails it takes to answer that inquiry. Only one question can be asked per email incident used, if more then one question is contained in an email, each question in the email will be counted as one support incident.

We at Alkacon Software believe to have the most complete knowledge in OpenCms available and we are sure that we can solve most of your problems. However, because of the variety of soft- and hardware OpenCms is able to run with, we can not guarantee that we can always find a solution to an email incident. If we can not find a solution, this unsolved inquiry will of course not be counted to your number the customers purchased incidents.

Response time

New incident inquiries will be processed within 2 working days (48 hours). If we provide an answer to an Email incident, the incident is considered closed if the customer does not indicate otherwise within 5 days after our answer was provided.

Expiration of Incidents

All purchased incidents packages are valid for 12 Months after date of purchase. Unused incidents in a package will expire 12 Months after the support account was opened.

The Alkacon OpenCms Support Terms apply.

Alkacon OpenCms 10 Incident Support Package

  • 1500 € for 10 incidents valid for 12 months from purchase date.
    [Item: SUP-INCIDENT-10]

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Alkacon OpenCms 10 Incident Support Package

  • 1500 € for 10 incidents valid for 12 months from purchase date.
    [Item: SUP-INCIDENT-10]

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