The Alkacon OCEE LDAP Connector

With the Alkacon OCEE LDAP connector, full integration of existing LDAP user directories with the OpenCms permission system is available. The connected LDAP server can be used to fully replace or in addition to the standard Database User and Group Management. Full integration of LDAP users and Groups allow using these for all OpenCms authentication and ACL permission management. Optionally, the Web interface generated by OpenCms can be used to change the password of an already logged in user.

Please note: LDAP user repository data must be organized according to RFC 2256 (attribute types) und RFC 2798 (inetOrg object class). Most LDAP standard user repositories implement these RFC. The LDAP connection is "read only", i.e. management of information stored in the LDAP server is not possible with this module (except for changing the password).

Some screenshots:

LDAP Overview Page

LDAP Overview Page Screenshot
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The LDAP Connector overview page provides access to the available LDAP tools for managing groups and users or synchronization tasks.

LDAP User Management

LDAP User Management Screenshot
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The LDAP User Management shows the list of LDAP users available in OpenCms. Additional user attributes like address data, or LDAP group memberships can optionally be shown.

LDAP User Overview

LDAP User Overview Screenshot
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The LDAP User Overview displays information about an LDAP user, read from the LDAP repository.

LDAP User Synchronization

LDAP User Synchronization Screenshot
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Synchronization with the LDAP repository happens automatically when a user logs in to OpenCms. In addition to that, the User Synchronization allows the manual synchronization of selected users with the LDAP server. It clearly shows the synchronized and not synchronized users. Add or remove one or more users from the synchronization list by selecting them and clicking the corresponding buttons.

Alkacon OCEE Server Enhancement Package

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Alkacon product overview

  • We have compiled a PDF document that contains an overview about all our available OCEE products, OpenCms training courses and OpenCms support options.

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Latest OCEE Release

  • 5.5.4 for OpenCms 10.x

    4.5.8 for OpenCms 9.x

    May 17, 2018

    Alkacon OCEE 5.5.4 fixes some issues for the LDAP Connector, the Cluster Manager and the Replicator.

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