The Alkacon OCEE Accelerator

The Alkacon OCEE Accelerator provides additional high performance caches to accelerate the data access and delivery. Using the Alkacon OCEE Accelerator, an OpenCms system can respond faster to database requests. High – traffic sites will especially benefit from this feature.

Some screenshots:

Accelerator Statistics

Alkacon OCEE Accelerator Statistics Screenshot
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The Alkacon OCEE Accelerator Statistics page shows detailed information about the cache efficiency, the capacity and the cache load, broken down into the Online and Offline projects.

Alkacon OCEE Server Enhancement Package

  • 5500 € incl. 12 months of premium support for OCEE and OpenCms.
    [Item: OCEE-1SL-03]

  • 2500 € incl. a package of 10 OpenCms support incidents, plus 30 day OCEE installation support.
    [Item: OCEE-1SL-02]

  • 1500 € incl. 30 day OCEE installation support via Email.
    [Item: OCEE-1SL-01]

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Alkacon product overview

  • We have compiled a PDF document that contains an overview about all our available OCEE products, OpenCms training courses and OpenCms support options.

    Download the PDF here...

Latest OCEE Release

  • 5.0.1 for OpenCms 10

    4.5.5 for OpenCms 9.x

    June 14, 2016

    Alkacon OCEE 5.0.1 brings a greatly improved Accelerator caching performance based on reducing the CPU load. This version also fixes an issue in the OCEE Cluster module. Updated OCEE packages for 9.x and 8. ...

    More information...

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