Scope of an Alkacon OCEE installation

One Alkacon OCEE subscription entitles the customer to use the Alkacon OCEE package on exactly one OpenCms installation.

In case the Alkacon OCEE package is to be used on multiple OpenCms installations, a separate OCEE subscription must be purchased for each OpenCms installation.

An OpenCms installation in this sense can be a single server, or on multiple servers in a shared cluster.

The base version of the Alkacon OCEE package allows to use Alkacon OCEE in an OpenCms installation of up to two (2) servers in a shared cluster.

In case the OpenCms installation contains more than two (2) servers in a shared cluster, for each additional server in the cluster the purchase of an extension of the Alkacon OCEE subscription license is required.

A subscription of Alkacon OCEE purchased to be used for one specific OpenCms installation may only be used for this specific installation. Using the same Alkacon OCEE subscription for different OpenCms installations is not allowed.

Please note: Alkacon reserves the right to apply a technological protection measure that limits the use of the one subscription of the Alkacon OCEE package to exactly one OpenCms installation. Such technological protection measures can require the use of license keys.

Alkacon OCEE Subscription

  • Including 12 months of Premium Support
    Installation in a cluster of up to 2 servers.
    6500€ (first year) / 5500€ (subsequent years).
    [Item: SUP-PREMIUM + OCEE-SUB-02]

  • Without Support
    Installation in a cluster of up to 2 servers.
    2500€ (first year) / 800€ (subsequent years).
    [Item: OCEE-SUB-02]

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Alkacon OCEE overview

  • We have compiled a PDF that contains an overview about all our available OCEE subscriptions and OpenCms support options.

    Download the PDF here...

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Latest OCEE Release

  • 11.0.1 for OpenCms 11.x

    5.5.4 for OpenCms 10.x

    September 4, 2019

    Alkacon OCEE 11.0.1 brings an all new OCEE user interface as well as improved and more secure cluster configuration options. ...

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