Alkacon OpenCms Consulting and Development

Are you deploying an OpenCms solution for your enterprise or your customer? Team up with Alkacon Software, the people behind OpenCms, and let us support you in the technical development.

We are offering our OpenCms consulting and development services to customers and partners worldwide working with OpenCms based solutions. We do so in a variety of different ways, always seeking the best way to support our client. Some typical scenarios are described on this page, but other arrangements can certainly be made to perfectly suit your needs.

Individual OpenCms Support and Workshops

Based an the Feedback of our customers we recieved in years of OpenCms consulting experience, we have bundeld a set of standard OpenCms support agreements and training courses. Should your project requirements be different, we can also offer you individual support and custom workshops.

Development of OpenCms core extensions

The OpenCms product core currently consists of well over 100.000 lines of code. While it is quite easy to develop an OpenCms based project using the existing core API's and template mechanisms, extending the core functionality requires months of know-how and experience. If necessary, Alkacon Software can build the OpenCms core extensions that are required by your project, while your team of developers can concentrate on producing the application without loosing time by digging into intrinsic system details.

Working with your team "on-site"

Do you have a development team that wants to start developing OpenCms based solutions but does currently not have the required practical experience? A consultant from Alkacon Software can join up with your team and provide his experience for a couple of days or weeks. Avoid loosing valuable time especially in the beginning of a project when basic design decisions are made that highly influence the success of the project later. Our consultants work "on-site" with your team and ensure that your project is build according to proven best practice OpenCms development principles. Also consider our training courses before starting your project.

Full project delivery

When you need an outsourcing partner to develop the technical part of an OpenCms project, who could be better suited for that than the people behind the software? We at Alkacon Software can take over the technical project management and implementation part of the project and provide you with a first-class OpenCms solution. From the development of the specification to the final system installation and delivery at the customers' site, we can handle all the technological details. We are also used to work as sub-contractors under the name of a partner agency responsible for the whole project delivery.

Alkacon OpenCms Consulting

  • 1000 € (plus travel expenses) per day of OpenCms consulting.

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Alkacon OpenCms Consulting

  • 1000 € (plus travel expenses) per day of OpenCms consulting.

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