Alkacon OAMP Webform Module Version 1.4.1

Get the popular OAMP Webform Module with lots of new features and improvements. Works with OpenCms 7.5.0 or later. Key features of this updated version 1.4.1 are:

  • Create webforms by mouse clicks and simple keyboard input. A webform is a structured XML content which offers a comfortable user interface.
  • Complete configuration of a webform is done in one file.
  • Input fields, their labels, default values and options are freely configurable.
  • For each input field it is possible to pick from several different field types: Text input, Text area, Table, Checkbox, Privacy Checkbox (a checkbox with a popup link to a privacy statement), Radio buttons, Hidden fields, File upload fields, Email Field, Table Field and Empty field and more...
  • For each input field it is possible to define a default value, control if it is mandatory, define a regular expression for validation and an error message to be shown in case validation was not successful.
  • To avoid misuse of your webforms (e.g. in order to spread spam to forums or guestbooks) a CAPTCHA field may be configured that verifies that a human being is filling out the form. Image based captchas and word based math captchas (maptchas) are supported.
  • The collected data of a submission may be sent to a configurable email account and / or stored in the OpenCms database in separate exclusive tables.
  • Works with Oracle and mysql.
  • Webforms and the collected data may be managed via an OpenCms Workplace tool.
  • CSV - Export via frontend and workplace tool.

Changes in Version 1.4.1

  • Moved Captcha presets into module folder
  • Some TableField layout enhancements
  • Add module parameter 'font-prefix' to configure fonts to be used for capture generation
  • Added optional confirmation mail sender address
  • Added sub fields that are shown for select boxes or radio button fields depending on the chosen value
  • Configurable front end report output of form entries stored in the database
  • Uploaded files can now be stored in the OpenCms VFS in addition to the servers real file system
  • Static text can be shown between single input fields
  • Option to keep the user session when viewing forms by sending a server request in a configurable time interval
  • Option to generate valid XHTML output
  • Option to define unique fields if storing submitted forms in the database
  • Added form availability to show a configurable error text after the form is expired
  • The CSS used for the emails can now be changed individually
  • The detail view of forms stored in the database allows to view the uploaded files
  • Only users with the role "Database Manager" or with write permissions on the corresponding form file
  • can edit the stored database entries
  • Unconfigured new form does not throw an error anymore when trying to preview it
  • Improved formatting of generated text emails
  • Improved editor layout for forms by adding tabs

Please note: You can still download Alkacon OAMP webform module 1.3.1 and 1.3.0 here...

Module Version: 1.4.1
Provided By: Alkacon Software GmbH
License: GNU General Public License
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